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About Us

The body of the People has forgotten that they are the creators of a servant government. The servant has grown completely out of control and unprecedented overreach is occurring. The tyranny that the Founders warned about is here. The People no longer know the power that they hold or how to implement the remedies that the Founders left. Most believe that their rights are given by government and that they sit below their own creation. Many do not know that they live in a constitutional republic where every single individual is supposed to be protected.

This is why the We the People Rally was formed. It was formed to educate, empower and restore.

It is a day to set all politics, ideologies and divisiveness aside to come together in the true American spirit of unity. It is a nostalgic day of innocence when sack races, fresh air, the love of the American flag, music and people coming together to listen to speakers while eating food and enjoying an autumn day is still normal. Let us sit outside of time. Let us remember what normal is and what is worth standing for.

Join us!

Come listen to speakers who believe in liberty and are doing everything to stand for it. Get empowered and take the first steps to restoration. Come hear about the only peaceful and lawful way to reign in a tyrannical government.

This is a historical day that you do not want to miss!

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